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Image Client Testimonial :

From Laura Zimberg, Green Pastures, Still Waters Massage Company:

"When I needed to express crucial thoughts and concepts involved in a resignation I was facing, I turned to Nancy Eckerson, Write Now! and her Classy Cupid company. Nancy was easy to talk to and to work with on all the various points that needed to be brought out yet, very professional. I was grateful because I “hate” to write, but it was important to get this done. I was also glad that she was available and had the expertise to help me get my thoughts down on paper. The whole process was very easy and painless. Starting with a questionnaire that helped me organize my thoughts, followed by two phone calls, Nancy continued to pull out the necessary information. We also had several email exchanges for additions and changes before finishing the final draft which Nancy set up on my company letterhead. I felt that it was worth the time and investment to work with Nancy. Left to my own devices, I probably would not have followed through and finished the letter myself."